Lexy the Elderbull

Lexy the Elderbull is a senior rescued pitbull living life to the fullest in Vancouver, BC. 
We are dedicated to advocating for rescue animals, specifically senior dogs and pitbulls. 
We aim to provide information on animal welfare issues, resources for adoption, senior dogs and pitbulls, and fundraising tips supporting our advocacy values and mission.     
Photo by Chris Lee Photography
Lexy's Fundraisers
"Beautiful at Any Age"
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Stand Up For Pits Foundation
Feb 1 - 28, 2018
$3,335 USD donated to charity

We've teamed up with these select and truly wonderful companines to bring you another great opportunity to support our campain.  Shop directly from the companies below Store Wide or on identified products or lines from thier collections and partial proceeds will be donated to our campaign benfitting Stand Up For Pits Foundation.

Don't foreget you can also enter to WIN our RAFFLE and & proceeds are donating to SUFP.

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Lexy the Elderbull
" Beautiful at Any Age"collection
by Luvabullz & Co.
100% proceeds donated to SUFP
adopt dont' shop; animal rescue; adopt a rescue dog; nair and bjorn
adopt dont' shop; animal rescue; adopt a rescue dog; nair and bjorn
Thank you to all these amazing companies for supporing SUFP with partial proceeds for the entire month of Feb
Barx + Blooms
10% of profits from the entire store will be donated!

That's right.. purchase anything from the Barx + Blooms store and 10% will be donated to SUFP.
There is so much to choose from we know you'll find something for everyone on your list.
adopt dont' shop; animal rescue; adopt a rescue dog; nair and bjorn

BARX + BLOOMS collars are hand sewn and comprised of individually placed, high-quality, silk flowers on a soft, fray-resistant nylon collar that can be worn with comfort. It also features an adjustable 3-prong buckle that allows for easy taking on/off and finished with the most darling BARX + BLOOMS charm. As with all handmade products it is not unusual to see slight variations that make the collar uniquely yours.
adopt dont' shop; animal rescue; adopt a rescue dog; nair and bjorn
Purchase any item from this collection now till Feb 28

Donated to SUFP per item purchase.
      Tshirts and Tanks:  $7 
      Bandanas:   $5 
      Mugs:   $3

The sheer volume of designs and the expert styling of both the products and message on every item make Oki Doggy stand out amongst the crowd.
This boutique shop is a one-woman shop but they produce more quality than a corporate company twenty times its size!  All products are designed and handmade by the owner Fabiana, in the Los Angeles area and sourced only from domestic vendors. Great designs and superior quality at a competitive price. Oki Doggy 's main priority is to give back - and WOW do they ever!

Welcome to the "I Believe in Second Chances" collection
This collection stands for what we believe in.. the power of rescue!  Wear your shirts, flaunts your bandanas and show your office how much you care about the animals with your morning coffee in a I Belive In Second Chances mug!
Brindle Market
10% of profits from the entire store
will be donated!
**EXTENDED till March 11

This amazing company loves all dogs and pitbull dogs especially! They recognize that all dogs are individuals and do so much to support rescue and raise funds for this important work.

There are too many animals without loving homes and Brindle Market is on a mission to help support the organizations that rescue these animals and help them find their forever homes. Founded by Cathy in 2016, Brindle Market is a dedication to her years of volunteering in animal rescue helping to socialize dogs and cats, and then focusing on at-risk animals that required rescue. After tons of planning, Brindle Market was born and Cathy's dream to help as many animals and rescues and shelters as she could, came true.

Treat Dreams
10% of profits from the entire store will be donated 
AND - use code LEXY to save 15%

Treat Dreams is the home of the original "Namastay Home With My Dog™" shirt and so many more clever shirts for dog lovers, and lovers of Wine and Donuts too with slogans like "Donuts Dogs and Sweatpants" or "Time to Wine Down with my Dogs"!  During Lexy’s Adoptaversary  campaign you can also purchase specific Lexy themed shirts too. 
Treat Dreams is a mother daughter team with a passion for dogs and advocating for animal rescue. This dynamic duo love being involved in any kind of work involving dogs: therapy dog work, training, recreational, rescue and canine health and nutrition.They literally live and breathe their passion - designing, shipping, packaging and running all operations for Treat Dreams themselves from their home in Norman, OK.  Owner / Operators, Kerri and Kaitlin and thrive on inspiration from their rescue pack that seems to never stop growing!

Luvabullz & Co.
50% of profits from the entire store will donated (*excluding custom digital edits)
AND - a WHOPPING 100% donted from all "Lexy" products

Luvabullz & Co. is owned and operated by an extremely dedicated, caring, and genuinely all round wonderful artist named Danie.  Danie is a 'one woman' shop wtih a mission to help suport rescues and shelters and to save more dogs.  

Luvabullz & Co. started by accident, sparked by an Instagram account sharing photos of Danie's dogs. One day, she had an idea for a digital edit and posted it on her account asking what everyone thought, and even offered some for free to those who loved what she'd done. The response was so overwhelming that she decided to offer "donation commissions": an edit in exchange for a donation to rescue. It ended up raising over $1300 for Frosted Faces rescue in CA.
Danie then had some of the edits printed on buttons, again just for fun, and asked what everyone thought. And again, enough people liked them that she decided to start a small business - and Luvabullz & Co. was born!
Danie and her incredible eye for what is beautiful and phrases that touch the heart are a force to be recokoned with - no one can stand in her way as she saves one dog at a time using her artistic talents and dedicated drive.

Luvabullz & Co

Unique and lovabull accessories created from original art made for animal lovers!

Here's just a few of their amazing items.
Luvabullz & Co Limited Edition "Lexy the Elderbull" collection

This special, limited edition "Lexy" collection speaks to our love for Senior Dog.  "Beautiful and Any Age" reminds us that dogs are our family, they are our best friends, they are our hearts.  It is our responsibility to see thier inner and outer beauty each and every day.  Beautiful at Any Age, forever and always.   
It is a privelidge to share our lives with a senior animal.
Luvabullz & Co Limited Edition Collection 

100% Proceeds donated to SUFP

The only thing this campaign was missing was... of course -
Lexy and Bruce !  So here it is... introducing this adorable way to show your love for pibbles and sharks!  Rememer. 100% proceeds from this shirt, and all Limited Edition Lexy items in this campaign are donated to SUFP!  (*at checkout on these shirts it will say "mens" but it is Unisex)

L'ARTE Photography
30% of profits from " Pitbull Art Project " Greeting Cards
Photographer Laura Zecchin 's love for pitbull type dogs has steadily grown over her years volunteering in shelters and rescues.  
Seeing what these dogs endure on a daily basis through Breed Discrimination, neglect and in many cases torture, has brought a much bigger reality to her life and drove a passion to help the breed.
Through her passion of photography, the Pitbull Art Project is a fine art photo gallery of artwork of pitbull type dogs she met while volunteering for Rescues or the Shelters, or photo shoots of those who been adopted and are now enjoying their forever family.
The focus is capturing that moment, that look, or expression that tells a story.  Their story.
It is through these images that Laura hopes to make an impact and a difference in how these amazing souls are viewed and perceived.

Every image has a little write up of the pups so you will know their story.

The project's goal is to share these images and hope they will be shared by others so as to show what Pitbulls truly
are; a loyal, loving and dedicated breed that just like any other pup, all they want is to be loved back and
have a family to call their own.

L'ARTE Photography
Photographer Laura Zecchin is also an avid supporter of SUFP, having most recently attended and was one of the phototgraphers of the 2017 Hollywood Stand Up For Pits Foundation gala event.

Pitty's Bakery 
20% of profits from "Leyx's Bully Bundle" homemade and wholesome dog treat
Treat your Pooch to Pitty's Bakery's famous Omega Bon Bons & Beet Burgers along with Dehydrated Wild Caught Smelt. Perfect as a gift or for the every day.  Every dog will LOVE receiving these treats and you will love the fact that is supports a great cause!

Omega Bon Bons 1/2 lb Bag
Wild Caught Sardines
Organic Coconut Flour
Organic Rye Flour
Organic Mangos
Organic Bananas
Organic Dried Cranberry
Organic Coconut Oil
Organic Rosemary Extract

Beet Burgers 1/2 lb Bag
A savory blend of Organic Grass-Fed Ground Beef
Organic Beets
Organic Rye Flour
Organic Parsley
Organic Turmeric
Vitamin E Oil
Organic Ginger

Wild Caught Dehydrated Smelt 4oz