Lexy the Elderbull

Lexy the Elderbull is a senior rescued pitbull living life to the fullest in Vancouver, BC. 
We are dedicated to advocating for rescue animals, specifically senior dogs and pitbulls. 
We aim to provide information on animal welfare issues, resources for adoption, senior dogs and pitbulls, and fundraising tips supporting our advocacy values and mission.     
Photo by Chris Lee Photography
Lexy's Fundraisers
Swim Beyond Misconceptions
100% proceeds supporting
Ghetto Rescue Ffoundation & Sharks4Kids
Jun 25 - Jul 31, 2017
*CLOSED - $1900 USD donated
We've teamed up with truly amazing companies to bring you a fantastic raffle with over 30 prizes we KNOW you want to win! 

$5 Donation (USD) to Enter (total dontions will be allocated entries for each $5) CLICK ON RED STAR.
Winners will be drawn at random and announced July 25, 2017.

PRIZES to be WON listed below!
THANK YOU to these AMAZING COMPANIES for donating PRIZES to be WON!

  1. Managing Director
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adopt dont' shop; animal rescue; adopt a rescue dog; nair and bjorn
Embark:  Dog DNA Test kit
Value of $199 USD 
Embark is the world leader in dog genetics and are a core partner wtih Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine. 
Powered by a deep love for dogs and a passion for understanding everything about them, Ryan and Adam Boyko have spent the last decade learning everything they could about dogs - how did they first get humans to fall in love with them, how did humans and dogs change each other in the years since then, and how can we best care for our furry family members? In the course of their quest they have discovered many of the things that make every breed and every individual dog unique. Their pioneering work revealed an origin of the domestic dog near Central Asia over 15,000 years ago and the history of dog populations around the globe.
Thier lab uncovered the genetic basis for many dog diseases and traits. While they have enjoyed working in remote corners of the world and in the lab, Adam and Ryan have always wanted to share their work and improve the lives of pet dogs everywhere. Partnering with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, the leading veterinary school in the USA, and Spencer Wells, a pioneer in consumer genetics, they founded Embark to bring cutting-edge science and insights directly onto your phone and browser.
Embark is the most accurate and comprehensive Dog DNA kit on the market.  Not only do their kits provide information on your dogs breed, but also valuable genetic, health, trait, and other information allowing you to better understand the unique need of your furry family member.  Embark provides cutting-edge insights directly onto your phone and browser.  Owners and their pets can immediately bebefit from all the newest and most advanced science and also, through your dogs own test results, contribute to the advancement of scientific discoveries every day.  Through this data partnership new insights become known while at the same time collecting more info to the benefit of you, your dog and dogs everywhere.
Check out some of the results and stories here and also backgrounds for some of the science and scientists involved in this revolutionarty Dog DNA test.  We know whoever wins this amazing Embark kit will truly 'win' in so many healthy ways!
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Babalus by Lucy:  Store Gift Certificate
Value of $100 USD 
Babalus is a one woman operation, designing high quality and stylish clothes for children and adults, as well as housewares and accessories.  Lucy, the owner, credits the designs for all her creations to the inspiration she recieves from sharing her life with her daughter.
IThe store first launched in March of 2016, shortly after Lucy's daughter was born and it has been an overwhelming success and continued inspiration and joy.  New items daily are created daily so make sure to follow me on instagram or Facebook to see my latest creations.

This Store Gift Certificate will be a truly fabulous reward for the winner and a great addition to any shopping spree.. there's so much to choose from we're confident you will be back time and time again!
adopt dont' shop; animal rescue; adopt a rescue dog; nair and bjorn
UnRefined:  Paw Spa Puppy Pack
Value of $55 CAD
UnRefined is a small, Alberta BC, business specializing in all-natural, organic products for humans and furbabies.  They are committed to ethical products and providing luxury care for your whole family at a price that is affordable for all.
Get all of UnRefined's amazing, all-natural products in this Paw Spa Puppy Pack. Perfect for spoiling your fur baby or for giving as a gift to another wonderful pet parent in your life.   

Pack includes:
Paw Spa Paw and Snout Balm
Paw Spa Shampoo Bar
Paw Spa Rosemary Detangler
Paw Spa Pawfume
Sharks4Kids:  Signature Shark Crew" TShirt & Norman the NurseShark book
(2 prize packs to be won)
Value of $35 USD 
Sharks4Kids mission to create a new generation of shark advocates through access to a dynamic range of educational materials that allow teachers to integrate shark education into their science programs on an introductory, intermediate or advanced level. Students can access games, activities and info sheets. Photos and videos from scientists and conservationists bring an exciting element into the classroom and show students the beauty of the ocean.
Sharks4Kids also funds first hand experiences for students in the South Florida area as well as coordinating classroom visits across the country.

Thier team brings together scientists, educators, conservationists and professional videographers to create a unique opportunity for the next generation to learn why sharks need kids and kids need sharks.

Creating the next generation of shark advocates through education, outreach and adventure.

This prize pack features a SharkCrew tshirt so you too can advocate for Sharks through apparel, as well as a fun and educational book written by Jillian Morris, Sharks4Kids found, called Norman the NurseShark .
adopt dont' shop; animal rescue; adopt a rescue dog; nair and bjorn
adopt dont' shop; animal rescue; adopt a rescue dog; nair and bjorn
Zoo Snoods:  Animal themed Snood for dogs 
(3 prizes to be won)
Value of $29 USD each
Zoo Snoods launched in Fall 2016, introducing an amazing new collection of adorable knit animal-themed "snoods" to pet lovers everywhere.  Founded by the creator of "Beard Head" and his trusty pupper sidekick, Lucky (pictured above) --Zoo Snoods is the latest line of "fun and functional" knit products meant to bring smiles and happiness to everyone around them.
What is a "snood?"  
Traditionally, a "snood" is a wide ring of knitted material worn as an ornamental hood or a scarf for women.  A "Zoo Snood" is an animal-themed knit hood for dogs (and cats, if you can get them to wear it).  Zoo Snoods will keep your pet warm on those cold and wet days, and their ears protected from mud and moisture.  But most importantly, Zoo Snoods will make your pet look more adorable than ever, inspire laughter, cause smiles, and bring about even greater feelings of love and affection!
We here at Zoo Snoods are passionate above animals, and animal well-being.  That is why for every Zoo Snood sold, $1 is donated to various animal welfare organizations that are committed to helping pets in need. 

adopt dont' shop; animal rescue; adopt a rescue dog; nair and bjorn
The Five 15:  Dog Mom, Dog Dad enamel Pin set with matching Dog Mom keychain
Value of $45 CAD
The Five 15, based here in Vancouver, BC, is a lifestyle brand for animal lovers and positive people.
It was created by Angie Coates, a designer, happy wife and mother of Meatball, the laziest and most adorable rescue pittie.
Besides wanting to connect with others and design things that people love, Five15 was founded with the intention to give back. Because of that, partial proceeds will always support non-profits, such as animal rescues and female advocacy groups. Learn more about their advocacy work here .

These adorable and positively perfect pins and keychain are a wonderful addition to any wardrobe choice or accessory as a way of advertising your furbaby love to the world.
adopt dont' shop; animal rescue; adopt a rescue dog; nair and bjorn
OkiDoggy:  "Be Their Voice" muscle shirt
Value of $29 USD
Oki Doggy is unique because its one-woman company, all products are designed and handmade by the owner Fabiana, one by one in Los Angeles area and sourced only from domestic vendors. Great designs and superior quality at a competitive price Quantities within the store are very limited - you might not see the same collection twice - and this is what makes Oki Doggy unique. Oki Doggy 's main priority is to give back. A flat 15 % of each and every purchase goes back to animal shelters and rescue organizations to help homeless pets find a loving home.

We know this "BE THIER VOICE" muscle tank will let you shout your pride for rescue in your every day without even trying!  Soft hand black ink over white slub fabric or soft hand white ink over Royal Blue marble ground . Side seamed. Semirelaxed fit. Unbelievably soft triblend fabric. 50% poly 25% combed and ring-spun cotton 25% rayon.   
adopt dont' shop; animal rescue; adopt a rescue dog; nair and bjorn
Hadley Clay Studio:  Pet Portrait Desert Plate
Value of $35 USD
Founded in Savannah, Georgia in 2009, Hadley Clay Studio produces a thoughtful mix of handmade ceramic gifts and home décor that reflects your personal style, from art to pets to entertaining.
The owner and potter, Hadley, approaches her work primarily as a sculptor.  She loves pushing the boundaries of ceramics; incorporating her love for animals, fascination of color, and passion for clay into the work. When it comes to the products, it’s the stories behind them that inspire.

Hadley Clay Studio makes shared meals look as beautiful and joyous as they taste. Every design is in turn sophisticated, enchanting and playful. Each careful composition - rendered with a fine artist's virtuosic sense of depth and color - transforms an everyday table setting into a keepsake your family will use and share for generations.  This prize of a personalized pet desert plate will be the envy of all your friends!  Each plate is individually hand-molded in a durable clay body. The animal featured is hand painted using underglazes against the white background and covered completely with a thick coat of transparent gloss glaze. The colors will never fade. It is kiln fired to 2200 degrees. 
adopt dont' shop; animal rescue; adopt a rescue dog; nair and bjorn
Cape Clasp:  Hammerhead Clasp braclet & Half Great White Clasp bracelet
(2 separate prizes)
Value of $39 USD each
Cape Clasp was founded in 2013, inspired by the owner, Pat's, passion for Cape Cod and the Islands.
She fell in love with the landscape and culture of the Cape. Therein was the inspiratino to create a brand dedicated to preserving the spirit of that special place. Cape Clasp rope bracelets are hand tied using local materials and 15% of profits are donated to non-profits on Cape Cod. The Cape Clasp voyage is just beginning and ever evolving to give back and support the Cape and oceans worldwide.
Thier partners include: Cape Cod National Seashore, Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, and Cape Cod Times Needy Fund. 
Show your love for the Cape, Oceans, and Sharks with one of these gorgeous Cape Clasp prizes. We can't think of a more perfect way to flaunt your advocacy than with these gorgeous bracelets! Bronze or sterling silver clasp ready for ocean wear; Marine grade accessory cord for durability; Made in USA; One size fits all.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
Remy and Me. Jewelry:  Handcrafted BSL necklace
(2 Prizes to be won)
Value of $42
Remy and Me. Jewelry is timeless and feminine; designed for women who want to wear lightweight, everyday jewelry. In her home studio, owner and designer, Michelle does what she absolutely loves.. creating beautiful and meaningful pieces inspired by her family -  human and pibble furbaby Gaby.
Every item in the shop is handcrafted with great care and love.

BSL necklace
Handmade with love in Michelle's Northern California home studio where she takes frequent breaks to give and receive love from two, rescued pittie mascots. (Remy was my our very first pittie rescue/BADRAP alumni who became an angel-dog in 2010.) These necklaces feature sterling silver discs hand-stamped with "BSL is BS" and then brushed to a modern, matte finish.

Each charm is strung on your choice of dainty sterling silver chain or nylon cord in your choice of gray or latte. Winner may choose their length of choice. Your necklace will be packaged in a smiling pibble pouch guaranteed to make *you* smile! Thank you for raising helping raise awareness about two beautiful animals: pitbulls and sharks. With love, Michelle, Gaby, Reggie and the Hobbs Family

adopt dont' shop; animal rescue; adopt a rescue dog; nair and bjorn
Nair & Bjorn:  "Land & Sea.. Thier Survival Is Up To You & Me" necklace
Value of $45 USD
When animal-lover and designer Kimberly Spector rescued her dog Mowgli from the street, she never dreamed it would lead her to saving other animals.
Inspired by Mowgli, Spector launched her handmade accessory business, Nair & Bjorn, by combining two of her passions – creating elegant and contemporary jewelry, and helping rescue animals.
Kim finds herself influenced by the sumptuousness of Indian apparel and accessories, using Swarovski crystals in many of her pieces, meticulously applying them by hand for an effect that is both opulent and unexpected.
The Nair & Bjorn RescueWear line, on the other hand, is trendy and vegan. Featuring stamped inspirational phrases relating to pet rescue and animal advocacy and adoption, the RescueWear line is favorite among animal lovers, and a testament to the unconditional love that only an animal can give. What began as an outlet to be creative, one of Spector’s passions has also helped to give back to one of her other passions––helping rescue animals. She is extremely devoted to this cause, helping rescue animals “one accessory at a time” by donating 20% of sales to no-kill shelters and animal charities.
This gorgeous necklace was designed specifically to speak for all animals who call the land and the sea thier home.  It is our job as citizens of this planet to suport and care for both equally and with the same dedication.  This item is a conversation starter and we can't wait to hear from the winner what gems of advocacy it sparks for them!

adopt dont' shop; animal rescue; adopt a rescue dog; nair and bjorn
Best Friend Beauty:  Tick & Mosquito Repellent for dogs
Value of $44 CAD
Best Friend Beauty (BFB) launched in 2016, inspired by Kimberly Langston's passion for natural beauty, friendship, and animal welfare.
Kimberly studied health and wellness at West Chester University, where she learned about the powerful ways simple organic elements affect the body. Her knowledge coupled with a lifetime of meaningful friendships, and close connections with dogs of all kinds sparked the inception of Best Friend Beauty.
Every product is created by thoughtfully blending luxurious amounts of the finest natural ingredients to maximize results for pups and their people. BFBbelieve strongly in using all natural organic ingredients in our beauty and care products so that no animal testing ever need be required. BFB donate 15% of every purchase towards causes supporting animal welfare.
Our mission is to foster natural beauty among friends, including the four-legged variety! 

This gift pack of Tick and Mosquite Repellent for Dogs will be your MUST HAVE for lazy summer strolls in the forest or sightseeing hikes in the mountains.  Your dog will thank you for protecting them with these amazing products.
My Dog Nose It:  Dog Nose Sunscreen 2.0 oz Large Jar (includes 2 jars)
Value of $70 USD
Skin cancer isn’t just on the rise with humans, but also our pets. My Dog Nose It was created to keep your best friend safe from the environment they love to play and be in.  Completely natural, My Dog Nose It acts as a barrier from the sun and environment. This non toxic formula is safe for use on any Fido or Fifi. What’s not safe? Human sunscreen! PLEASE don’t use your SPF on your pets as most ingredients are poisonous to animals. This revolutionary new product not only protects your pet, but it also soothes and heals by adding moisture. Whether catching a frisbee, learning to heel, or going for a swim, keep your dog healthy and safe with My Dog Nose It!

The dog who wins this 2.0 oz jar will be a lucky pup and thier precious nose safe in the sun!
My Dog Nose It:
- Dries quickly
- Heals and adds moisture
- Prevents nose color from fading
- Perfect for us on nose, ears and other unprotected areas
- Great for all breeds and lifestyles
adopt dont' shop; animal rescue; adopt a rescue dog; nair and bjorn
adopt dont' shop; animal rescue; adopt a rescue dog; nair and bjorn
Tooth & Honey:  Sharky Set
Dog Harness, Collar, & Leash
Value of $63 USD
In 2015, Ally Concannon founded Tooth & Honey with the mission of making fashion forward, functional, comfortable accessories for hard-to-fit, pit bull type dogs. With a further purpose of utilizing the T&H platform as a way to support the animal rescue community and animal awareness initiatives.
Tooth alludes to the loyally protective nature of these specific canines; like a fiercely supportive friend with a hard-candy shell. This rough exterior is balanced with Honey; which refers to the calm, therapeutic, and sweet presence of pit bull type dogs—or any dog for that matter—who have become true members of the family. Anyone with a pit bull or bully breed knows that damaged stereotypes and violent perceptions about them couldn’t be further from the truth!
One of Tooth and Honey’s priorities is to change that image, so that more bully breeds will be rescued and adopted.

This custom designed Tooth & Honey 'Sharky' set is the best way to celebrate SharkWeek every day!  The dog side-release collar features a neoprene lining with a vibrant printed nylon strap and comes with a matching leash and harness. The harness features a soft inner mesh lining and is fully adjustable so that it always fits comfortably.  All items are 1" wide.
Tooth & Honey designs whimsical on-trend canine accessories for pit bull type dogs. When you shop with us, you’re also helping us support the animal rescue community. It’s important to us as a company to showcase pit bulls in a positive light, so that more bully breeds will be rescued and adopted. We want to promote responsible dog ownership and hope to encourage people to adopt their next best friend.
We are proud partners with One Love Pit Bull Foundation and the Northwest Dog Project.
adopt dont' shop; animal rescue; adopt a rescue dog; nair and bjorn
Blockhead Box:   1 Box containing mix of Dog toys, treats, & accessories
Value of $36 USD
When David Crino, a teacher, coach, martial artist and dog lover, had a student of his discuss being raised in a family of dog fighters going back generations, he decided that something needed to be done to change this negative cyclical mentality. He founded FIGHT4THEM.ORG, an organization to raise awareness about the negative aspects of dog fighting and help to confidently educate young people through the use of martial arts and other sports. The organization provides positive role models such as mixed martial artists, wrestlers, and boxers who proudly wear the FIGHT4THEM logos such as, “I fight, so they don’t have to!”. The FIGHT4THEM organization has grown into a community who shows their love for dogs and disdain for dog fighting through their loyal support at dog events, martial arts tournaments, and various fight night events and on social media sites. “Being tough has nothing to do with how vicious your dog acts or how cruel you can be towards defenseless animals. Toughness is your ability to overcome fear and adversity by doing the right thing no matter how difficult it may be.” Proceeds from FIGHT4THEM.ORG merchandise sales and monetary donations are applied towards the humane education of kids, to promote athletics and alternative constructive activities to dog fighting, to other anti-dog fighting charities and to animal law enforcement agencies to help combat dog fighting.

BlockHead Box is the newest subscription box on the market and if we do say so ourselves... the best box on the market! Besides getting a great box of gifts for you and your dog to tear into, you will also be helping dogs in need, humane education and law enforcement.  We are confident that the lucky dog and human who wins this prize will have much to bark about.... treats, toys, accessories, and advocacy all rolled into one awesome box!
Nature Sculptures:  Handcrafted Ceramic Jewellery
(2 Prizes to be won)
"The art of ceramics is the union of earth and water, bound by fire and brought to life by human creativity". This aptly describes the passion that Karine, designer, owner and sculptor, brings to her work.
She has been practicing her passion for sculpture and ceramics for several years and has found a path in life with ceramics and aspires to make others happy through her art. All pieces are handcrafted with care from stoneware or porcelain clays, and shaped with only hands, a sculpting needle, a paintbrush and an ocean of patience.

Whale Shark necklace with added Waves Pendant
Value of $68 CAD
A wonderful and very realistic, unique stoneware pendant of a whale shark. This small delicate piece hangs with its head downwards and fins gracefully outwards - you can almost see him gliding through the ocean.
The dots are made of porcelain and were individually handpainted.
The piece comes with a string of black waxed cotton which ends in a simple and fully adjustable sliding knot.
It is thin and non-intrusive to the gaze so the accent remains on the sculpture itself.
The pendant also arrives packaged in a small paper jewellery box, perfect for gifts!

StingRay necklace with added Waves Pendant
Value of $49 CAD
A striking green and bronze stingray made with porcelain and glazes. You truly do need to see this piece in person to fully take in all its beauty. They StingRay appears in motion; the wings are in flight with ripples where the next muscle engages in the dance to draw him forward through the ocean.
The piece comes with a thin and subtle black cotton waxed string which ties in a fully adjustable sliding knot. It also arrives in a nice little paper jewellery box perfect for gifts!

adopt dont' shop; animal rescue; adopt a rescue dog; nair and bjorn
adopt dont' shop; animal rescue; adopt a rescue dog; nair and bjorn
Respect the Fin & Fluff & Tuff:  Wrap-Around Shark ring and Mac the Shark dog toy
Value of $35 USD
Respect the Fin was started in order to spread awareness of the evils of shark finning and to educate the public on sharks crucial role in our aquatic ecosystem.Thier main message of shark education and conservation is an important one for us all. Every year approximately 73-100 million sharks are killed primarily for their fins, while the rest of their body is merely tossed back into the water and left to sink.
Sharks are a keystone species to one of the largest ecosystems on our blue planet. They help maintain the balance of life in all oceans.
This Wrap-Around Shark ring is a fantastic and fashionable way to showcase your love for sharks and start a dialogue almost anywhere with anyone about sharks.

Fluff & Tuff was founded in 2010 and is a family owned and operated business who care deeply for animal welfare.  They are committed to the quality and safety of their products, provide exceptional customer service and give back through product donations and their annual holiday charity toy in which 100% of it's profits are donated to charity.

Fluff & Tuff Toys Feature
- Custom designs by Fluff & Tuff    - Unique, ultra-plush outer fabric    - Thick, durable Tuffweb™ mesh liner   - All seams are concealed, generously folded and double stitched.    - New, non-toxic poly fill placed for optimal shaping and play-ability    - For safety, the eyes are embroidered.   - Machine washable

Mac the Shark (aka Bruce to Lexy) is a durable and gorgeous toy that could easily double as decor'. We know you will love your Sharky as much as Lexy loves her Bruce.