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Lexy the Elderbull is a senior rescued pitbull living life to the fullest in Vancouver, BC. 
We are dedicated to advocating for rescue animals, specifically senior dogs and pitbulls. 
We aim to provide information on animal welfare issues, resources for adoption, senior dogs and pitbulls, and fundraising tips supporting our advocacy values and mission.     
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Frozen Treats
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Salmon Ice Lollies
A perfect healthy treat for a hot summers' day.  You can feel comfortable giving this low calorie treat to your pup knowing it's refreshing and full of nutrient rich fresh salmon!


  • 150 grams Fresh, deboned salmon
  • 1/4 Cup Fresh, organic, diced carrots (optional)

  • Boil salmon and carrots in approx. 6 cups of water.  When the salmon is cooked through give it one last check to ensure there are no bones, and shred. Remember to use the skin too, this is extra nutrient rich
  • Leave the salmon and carrots to cool then place in large ice cube trays or small containers. Top up with water (I use the water the salmon and carrots was boiled in to add more flavour). Then freeze and enjoy


Frozen treats area truly great way to cool down your pup in the heat of summer.  These summer treats can be super easy or a bit fancy.  With everything from simple frozen fruit pieces, such as strawberries or bananas, to homemade "ice cream', and frozen mixtures.  If your dog has weak or chipped teeth be mindful of giving fully frozen treats, some yummy ice cream might be a little easier for them to eat.
Here are a few links to some of our favourite online resources for Homemade Frozen Dog Treats

The Dog Treat Kitchen
Just as with the baked treats, Dog Treat Kitchen is by far my favourite online summer treat resource.  They offer an array of recipes in fruit, vegetable, meats, and yoghurt.  With such titles as Tuna Pops and Frozen Meatballs, we know your pup will love them!  They also stock pupsicle molds for purchase, if ice cube trays  just won't do.  All recipes are free to download and there's even a chatroom for feedback on the recipes.

Bark Post brings us great blog articles, contests, and quizzes each and every day.  But they also have a wonderful selection of dog ice cream recipes.  Yummy... Strawberry Coconut and Peanut Butter Banana are two of Lexy's favourites.

Modern Dog Magazine
Lexy is in love with Modern Dog Magazine's Frozen Fruity Pops!

*REMEMBER:  It is always advisable to check with your Veterinarian prior to introducing new foods to your dog's diet.