Lexy the Elderbull

Lexy the Elderbull is a senior rescued pitbull living life to the fullest in Vancouver, BC. 
We are dedicated to advocating for rescue animals, specifically senior dogs and pitbulls. 
We aim to provide information on animal welfare issues, resources for adoption, senior dogs and pitbulls, and fundraising tips supporting our advocacy values and mission.     
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Fundraising for Charity
So you want to host a fundraiser for charity? 

Fundraisers range greatly in size all the way from a very small online campaign to a
very large, elegant black-tie gala affair. Hosting any type event takes time and patience but
most importantly remember that anything you can give back to support rescues and
shelters, to help animals in need, is extremely valuable! 

Over the years we have hosted many fundraisers and can personally attest that the
efforts you put in are returned tenfold in the personal satisfaction you feel from doing
something good, from having fun and meeting new people!  And then another one
hundred-fold when you hand over a cheque payable to a rescue or shelter charity!

What should you consider?
  • Should you even have an event? As much fun as events or campaigns can be, you should have a clear idea of what you want the end result to be.
  • Who is your audience? Is this for existing supporters or are you trying to reach new ones?  Determine your target audience before you start planning an event or campaign
  • What do we want people to do? Have a clear call to action for attendees or supporters
  • Is your objective better met by an in-person on online event?  In-person, onsite, events can be time consuming and expensive so make sure it is the best way to reach your goal. If your goal is only to raise awareness, you may find an awareness campaign is more effective

  • Always fundraise for a cause close to your heart.  This will ensure you keep up and don't grow tired of working for the cause
  • Always select a theme or idea that you can relate to; if often helps if you have experience attending or working with similar events of campaigns
  • Always consult with the chartiy of your choice before proceeding. This ensures your idea is approved and in line with their ethics and practices and also allows them the opportunity to partner and support you in your efforts
  • Set a fundraising goal and a mission or value statement for what you want to achieve
  • Set on a date[s] and remember to consider local events or holidays so as to limit competition in getting attention
  • Do you have the time and skills available to plan and execute your mission
    • Consider your family, friends of other connections who can help
    • Will you need to recruit volunteers
  • What type of advertising will you need to achieve your goal?  Website, Radio, Posters, etc? 
  • Especially important determine if you require a domain, or a specific social media handle to promote your event.  Play around with hashtags and handles to find ones that are avaialble and unique to connect all your channels
  • Do you need a license or permit?  If yes, consider the lead time required in receiving these prior to your event.
  • What is your budget?  It is exceptionally rare for an event, of any size, to operate on a $0 budget. That said, you can cost recover but this is a risk.  Develop a buget you are comfortable with in supporting the event, while also considering your own personal bottom line 'donation' to the cause.

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